Model: MBL A3+
* Way of cutting: Longitudinal: rolled cutting by a roller; horizontal: cutting by a lateral long cutter
* Way of paper feeding: Automatic paper feeding in single rubbing way
* Size of paper: A4 (210mm*297mm), A3 (297x420mm), A3+ (320x480mm)
* Thickness of paper: 0.2mm (180g/m2) --- 0.3mm (250/m2)
* Paper nature: Common paper, quality paper
* Cutting speed: For name cards, about 100pcs/min
* Cutting size: Longitunal 55 (or 54) mm and 89 (or 85, 90, 95)mm; Horizontal: 40-250mm, adjustable
* Volume of paper: Maximum 12pcs (about 0.25mm thick) for name cards
* Volume of name card: 180g/m2 150x5pcs; 250g/m2 110x5pcs
* Mechanical dimension: 510mmx305mmx755mm
* Ambience of use: -15°C ~ +40°C   humidity: 35% ~ 70%
* Weight: About 35kg
* Power supply: AC 90--240V, 50/60Hz, 1.0A