Mašine za savijanje lima - 3D Slova

* Mechanical structure design, ensure the machining precision of products
* Automatic feeding, using high-power stepper motor synchronous feeding
* Automatic slotted screw thumb drive, double screw slotting method
* Using the stepper motor control, strong stability, speed
* Low energy consumption, the total power of 4500W, the actual use of power does not exceed 1500W
* Automatic identification graphics inside and outside the frame, automatic calculation of arbitary length, point break, change the overlaping forms
* Using the computer adjusting groove depth, without manual adjustment
* Dimensions: 1250mm*620mm*1500mm
* Processing materials: aluminium width: 30mm-120mm machining thickness: 0,4-1.2mm
* Special specifications, requirements can be customized


Power supply: AC200V
Total power: 2300W
Compressed air: 0.4-0.8Mpa
Crooving angel: 0
Min blend radius: R=5mm
Applied material: 
1. Flat stainless steel strip
2. Aluminium flat strip
3. Iron and galvanized
Material thickness: 0.3-1.2mm
Material feeding method: Automatic
Feeding types: Altematefeeding
File format: DXF, PLT, AI
Servo motor: 3PCS
Machine power: 1180mm*603mm*1480mm
Weight: 421KG
Package size: 1520mm*780mm*1660mm